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Chenopodium album                                                                    $9.50 per/lb


TYPE:   Annual

HEIGHT: 1-4 feet

HABITAT: Riparian and transitional areas

SEEDING RATE: 8-12 lbs per acre with 

approximately 700,000 seeds per lb


A broadleaf of the goosefoot family. It grows in riparian and transitional areas and produces tens of thousands of seeds per plant that are enjoyed by upland birds and song birds. 

rrslogopicsmall2.pnglambsquarterslambsquarters seedling

Planting Instructions:

Use general ground prep method (click here). Lambsquarters should be planted in the fall as it needs a couple of months of damp, cold weather to stratify. Drill 15 lbs per acre to a depth of less than 1” or spin spread 20 lbs. per acre. When spin spreading, lightly harrow then roll if possible. Fertilize with about 100 lbs. per acre of 16-16-16 when planting and then 100-150 lbs per acre of 46-0-0 in the spring.