River Refuge Seed

Specializing in Wetland Restoration



These spring and fall mixes supply an abundance of high protein feed that includes legumes, grasses, forbs and brassicas.  The deer will browse the tender shoots through the summer and most plants included will last in to the fall and winter depending on climate severity.  The plants that do go dormant during winter will come back the following spring and produce a bounty of fresh shoots.  Included in these mixes is the coveted Delar Small Burnet. Known to many as nature's deer candy, Delar Small Burnet has a sweet melon/cucumber odor and taste that keep the deer coming back. 



Small Burnet / Spring Pea / Annual Ryegrass / Clover  Brassica / Lupine / Turnip / Short Corn / Poco Barley

                                              1 lb      $3.75  
                                              5 lbs  $15.95 
                                            25 lbs  $74.95
25 lbs will plant approximately 1 acre 

Small Burnet / Winter Pea / Annual Ryegrass / Turnip  Perennial Ryegrass / Poco Barley

                                               1 lb    $3.00 
                                               5 lbs $12.95 
                                             25 lbs $49.95
25 lbs will plant approximately 1 acre