River Refuge Seed

Specializing in Wetland Restoration

Juncus tenuis                                                                              $98.50 per/lb


TYPE: Perennial

HEIGHT: 6-26 inches

HABITAT: Wet prairies and meadows

SEEDING RATE: 1-2 lbs per acre with approximately 20,000,000 seeds per pound

STRATIFICATION: Requires 60 days of cold

A grass-like native used in restoration or development of wet prairies and meadows. Great for erosion control due to it's bunched growth pattern. Seeds are eaten by wildlife, like songbirds and upland gamebirds, while the plant is used for nest construction and ground cover. Usually seeded in mixes. Best planted in fall. Sow near or on the surface.

Slender rush early in the season, begining to

 form seed heads

Slender rush field