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Polygonum pensylvanicum                                               1-25 lbs   $15.00 per/lb

PENNSYLVANIA SMARTWEED                                               26-99 lbs   $13.75 per/lb

                                                                                                             100+ lbs   $11.75 per/lb

TYPE: Annual

HEIGHTH: 1 -4 feet

HABITAT: Marshy ground

SEEDING RATE10-15 lbs per acre with approximately 

130,000 seeds per lb

STRATIFICATION: Requires 60 days of cold

 A native that grows in a few inches of water and thrives in areas where water recedes in late spring. Smartweed readily reseeds year after year and produces a huge amount of seed which waterfowl love when flooded. It grows best in marshy ground and does not like droughty hard ground or water that is too deep. It can be grown with overhead or flood irrigation. If flooded, the water should be drawn off quickly. The larger the plants, the longer the water may stay on. 

Smartweed seed is extremely hard. In its wild state, the seed shatters from the plant and, because of its hardness, lays dormant for the winter. During the winter the waterfowl consume some, and most of the rest of the seed breaks dormancy and sprouts as the ground warms and the water over it recedes in the spring. 

The seed you buy from RRS has been put through a “scarifier” multiple times. The machine scratches the hard seed coat, mechanically breaking dormancy and allowing the seed to be planted in the spring. Even after this process, some seed may not sprout until the following year. Also, unlike wild millet, corn or buckwheat, smartweed may take 2 to 4 weeks to sprout. 

Planting Instructions: (click here)

Smartweed blooms in shades of white to pink