River Refuge Seed

Specializing in Wetland Restoration
70% Wild Millet (Watergrass)
30% Smartweed
MIX #1

Here are two of the puddleduck’s favorites in a mix at a special price. They are similar as they both have hard seeds that can be submerged but they last into the winter without sprouting or rotting. When flooded, the ducks will forage through the wet straw to find the seed that has shattered from the seed head. This mix is easy to grow and produces a ton of seed. The ducks will always leave plenty of seed so it will volunteer year after year.
Plant 20-25 lbs per acre.
 $5.75 /lb

60% Wild Millet (Watergrass)
30% American Sloughgrass 
10% Smartweed 
Mix #2

This is a good mix of reseeders. They all thrive in damp marshy ground or will grow on average soil with little or no irrigation. They produce lots of seed. Flood in fall to attract all waterfowl.
Plant 15-25 lbs per acre. 
 $5.75 /lb

50% Mannagrass
10% Foxtail        
30% American Sloughgrass
10% Meadow Barley
Mix #3

This mix of native perennials grow from 1 to 3 feet tall. These species like to be planted in areas that stay underwater for most of the winter and can stand to be inundated even into the late spring or early summer. The Mannagrass is one of the first plants to have grassy leaves floating in the waters surface as early as January. The water foxtail, meadow barley and American Sloughgrass soon follow as the water recedes and becomes shallower. During this early period, invertebrates and crustaceans thrive on the submerged leaves. This becomes a great waterfowl attractor. By mid summer the seeds shatter from the heads and fall into the vegetation. As it floods in the fall, ducks love to forage for these seeds and once again for the invertebrates that inhabit the wet matted straw.  This mix can be managed to attract waterfowl year after year. 
Plant 15-20 lbs per acre.
 $12.50 /lb
25%  Wild Millet (Watergrass)
20%  Water Plantain
10%  Smartweed
10%  Meadow Barley
10%  American Sloughgrass
18%  Mannagrass
  5%  Water Foxtail 
  2%  Wapato

Moist Soil Management Mix #4

This is a mix of grasses and forbs that produce an abundance of feed. They are either perennials or readily reseeding annuals. Using the moist soil management techniques, you can draw your water down at the best time to stimulate growth. All of the species in this mix perform well with each other and will produce lots of waterfowl attracting feed. Plant 15 to 20 lbs per acre. 
 $13.25 /lb
50% American Sloughgrass
50% Wild Millet (Watergrass) 
MIX #5

Both produce a ton of good edible seed. Both can grow in water and will give you multiple years without replanting.  
Plant 20 lbs per acre. 
 $6.85 /lb
50% Western Mannagrass 
50% American Sloughgrass 
MIX #6

These are both perennials. They both produce lots of seed. The manna, when mature, will be the first long green grass floating on the water in late December. These are some of the only grasses, that once established, can thrive under water for the winter. Both produce great natural habitat for the invertebrates that the ducks love in addition to seed. 
Plant 15 to 20 lbs per acre. 
 $10.50 /lb
80% Poco Barley 
20% Oats 
Mix #7

Produce tons of seed. Plant and flood or plant next to ponds. Both mature in 8 to 10 weeks.
Plant 100 lbs per ace.
 $0.80 /lb
50% Poco Barley
50% Buckwheat 
Mix #8

They have a short growing season of 8 to 10 weeks. Plant dryland then flood when ripe or plant adjacent to hunting ponds.
Plant 75 lbs per acre.
 $0.95 /lb
50% Golden Millet 
50% Wild Millet (Watergrass)
Mix #9

Golden Millet has tall visible seed heads that hold their seed and remains standing while wild millet seed heads shatter under the straw which keeps the ducks coming back.
Plant 25 lbs per acre.
 $2.45 /lb
50 % White Proso Millet 
50 % Sudangrass Mix
White Proso Millet / Sudangrass Mix

These two grasses compliment each other—Proso low growing/Sudan tall. Flood for waterfowl or leave dry for Upland. Plant annually after last frost. Will grow west of Cascades with no irrigation.  
Plant 25 lbs per acre. 
 $0.85 /lb
50% Wild Millet  (Watergrass)
50% White Proso Millet 
Wild Millet  /
White Proso Millet Mix

This mix works well in areas that won’t be flood irrigated. When flooded for hunting, the birds will feed on the standing proso first. As that is eaten, they will forage in the down straw for weeks, cleaning the Wild Millet. The Wild Millet will volunteer the following year.
Plant 25 to 35 lbs per acre. 
 $1.50 /lb