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WILD RICE                            SOLD OUT        * FALL $3.40       * SPRING $4.00

Zizania palustris

TYPE: Annual 

HEIGHT: 5-8 feet

HABITAT: Ponds, lakes and streams

SEEDING RATE: 50-100 lbs per acre 

STRATIFICATION: Requires 60 days of cold but seed purchased from us has already broken dormancy since we store it in a cold box. Keep in mind, if you don't have cold enough winters (33 to 35 degrees), the new seed will not break dormancy and you will not get a volunteer crop the next year. 

Wild Rice is an aquatic grass that grows in water 8-36" deep. It produces more than 2,000 lbs of seed per acre and readily reseeds. It can mature in permanently flooded ponds or seasonal wetlands, provided there is water into July. There is nothing that attracts waterfowl as well as wild rice. Grows best with good water control. 


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 A wild rice pond at the floating leaf stage. Some of it, off to the left, has begun to go aerial, standing out of the water. 

The picture to the left is the younger plant and the the picture above is an example of the plant beginning to produce tillers. 

The picture to the left shows what the seed looks like when it is mature and ready to be harvested.  

When ripe, wild rice easily shatters with a gust of wind or disturbance from wildlife.  If the conditions are right and the seed is not eaten by waterfowl, it will produce a new crop in the spring.  

Wild Rice field after it has been drained to get ready for harvest.